Phidealive is an innovative full service CRO started in August 2018. The knowledge to bring innovation to Clinical research does not fall from the sky: It has roots firmly planted in the earth through a Team with years of experience in clinical research. 

Over the last year we have specialized in clinical development, managing multinational pre-registration clinical trials (Phases I, II, III), post marketing clinical trials (Phase IV), as well as epidemiological studies, observational studies and outcome studies, in both East Europe & West Europe.

During this time we have led companies providing clinical and regulatory expertise to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. 

These organizational assets – people and processes – are the driving force behind our goal of providing a level of performance that meets professional standards of quality and accuracy for every client, regardless of size or location, whilst always following a path of absolute reliability. 

Our ability to translate a patrimony of trust, reliability and quality into measurable performance today speaks a new language. To live together the development scenarios of pharmaceutical research.

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